The board.
Craig Springett Director & Co-Founder 07902 371 136 Luke Carnell Director & Co-Founder 07923 129 757
About Craig. Craig is a Co-Founder and sits on the Board of Directors at Plethora Group. Responsible for the development of the business into a market leading group of Talent Sourcing companies. A driving force for continuity, attraction, retention, culture, systems, ethos, processes, good jokes and on point Gifs. Craig is also Managing Director and Recruiter with our Big Fish Recruitment brand. Helping Recruitment businesses find, attract and retain top talent, aiding the growth of those business and those careers. With 15 years Recruitment industry experience, Craig is skilled in Recruitment across many sectors including Financial Services, IT, Tech, Construction, Education, Pharma & Life Sciences. Craig prides himself on the tight connections built with candidates and the successful working relationships with partnered clients, playing a key role in their progression and will tell you he knows someone for everything! About Luke. A highly skilled Recruitment Professional consistently delivering over & above in the Education sector. With nearly 8 years in the wonderful world of Recruitment, Luke has excelled in every capacity ensuring enhancement of each business across all levels, as well as surpassing expectations in each managerial capacity through achieving on implemented strategy. New business development, candidate selection methodology, team development, key relationship evolution, processes innovation & quality assurance are a small selection of his key attributes
Our core values.
Passion Be passionate about your sector, your vertical, your niche, your personal branding, your service and be a thought leader in your niche. Innovation Improve on what you are doing or on what peers are doing. Do something first, lead on it and constantly challenge the status quo to change how people do and see things.
Owning it Take ownership of it all, of your wins, your flaws, your success, your mistakes, your past and your future. Be curious If you are not curious are you even a recruiter? Ask questions, be interested, want to better yourself and take care of others around you.
A Plethora
of brands. One team.
About us. - We don’t have jobs, we have a purpose. - We want to be more than just recruiters, we are doers, thinkers, trailblazers, perfectionists, & leaders. - We will combine our individuality and our expertise to build extraordinary careers for exceptional talent. - We weave the latest Recruitment Technology into our emotional intelligence to deliver a service we are proud of. - Game changing & remarkable solutions to exceed our always ambitious targets. - Building & promoting diversity, create inclusion & encourage work place innovation internally & externally. - All whilst making a real difference socially & environmentally along the way.
Benefits We offer trust and freedom to our team members like no other competing business. We have a culture of reward an autonomy epitomised by our ethos called ROWE. Our Commission scheme can not be beaten and this is also backed up by our market leading LTip scheme. See some examples here of our benefits but get in contact with us to find out about everything we are offering! Email us for more info... 
‘ROWE’ Results Only Work Environment No restriction on desk verticals or geographic patches No dress codes No start or finish times No holiday allowance (not restricted) Market leading commission structure Regular Health & Wellbeing external visits Free access to IFA/Mortgage Advisor £10k Interest free loan for deposit on 
first house (after 2 years service) Professional Development or wellbeing voucher, annually £250/£500 Future Leader Training Programme Help to start scheme – after 4 years of service Share Scheme Benefits / L&D virtual credit card And do we have to mention breakfasts paid for, Directors lunches, incentive trips, drink and dinners after work that’s all just as standard right
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Our brands.
Education Recruitment Solving the Education Puzzle 
Piece by Piece. Visit our website
Recruitment to Recruitment Talent Management Helping to make Monday’s bearable Visit our website
CSR Our CSR framework is something we are very proud of. When our Founders set out on the journey of building a Recruitment agency, they wanted to do this, whilst also making a positive and tangible difference on the issues that matter the most to us A key criteria for us has been to make a difference within the local communities where we live and do business. We want all of our staff at Plethora Group, our partnered clients and our community of candidates to be proud of the business they work for or with. Click here to find out more
Our NPS Score is something we are very proud of at Plethora Group. When our Founders set out on the journey of building a Recruitment agency, they wanted to promote excellence in all aspects of the company playbook. That all comes from how we make people feel by the service we provide. Current Net
Promoter Score 88/100 Check out our reviews...
Our story. Once upon a time on a High Achievers trip, on an even higher Austrian mountain at the SnowBombing Festival, two successful likely lads who worked together, decided it was time very soon to go it alone and build something they can own and be proud of (see picture of said likely lads on a Ski lift on said trip, who were likened to a scene in Dumb & Dumber)! Roll on a bit and Big Fish Recruitment was born, with just a lap top and some coffee based at a Hotel in East London, building the business initially with Big Fish Recruitment having a dual purpose in Rec2Rec and Education Recruitment. The massive successes in year one (2019) meant the plans were drawn for 2020 to create a Group of companies, servicing a Plethora of sectors until COVID brought a slight delay. However 2020 turned out to be even bigger than 2019 and speaking of Plethora’s, the guys went ahead in 2021 with plans to create Plethora Recruitment Group, encompassing the Big Fish Recruitment brand and a new Education brand called WhoFoundWho, launching in Easter 2021. To be continued…..
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About us. Our brands. Core values. CSR & NPS. The board. Our story. Join us.
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